Meet Fashion Grinch, the new Fashion Therapy


Remember when I told you, back in March, that “my inner fashion-critic hasn’t died”? Well, I had in store for you a surprise to go along better with the change (removing fashion therapy from the blog).

Of course, I couldn’t stay away from this beautiful world too long. I saw inspiring outfits everywhere as well as god-awful ones and I just longed for an outlet where all my ideas, thoughts and naughty criticism could come to life. Some days after, I launched Fashion Grinch.

As the name says, it is a blog of street style humor & mistakes, as well as fashion advice. Why? Because the best way to learn is from others (and yours) mistakes, keeping in mind my motto “Style is not a gift, but a natural skill we can all master”.

Here, I write daily about fashion mishaps on the streets of Bucharest and how they should have been played out. All these daily posts are numbered (No.1, No. 13, No.22). I have one goal in mind – not to make you dress in one single way, but to help you refine your fashion style, eliminating naturally the kitsch combos. Also, I hope it makes you see fashion in a more relaxed, amusing way.

On the left side of the blog, you’ll see an animated Grinch under the “Grinch-approved” stamp. It’s not a simple GIF, but a doorway to fashion advice and inspirational outfits styled by me. So, if you click on the Grinch, you’ll see a list with my latest outfits for certain occasions. Here you have a glimpse of my creativity and personal style. I also hope it gives you an idea of how to create stylish outfits.

Below, you’ll see… Katy Perry. No, I’m not a huge fan (though her Dark Horse is really catchy), but she’s perfect for what I have in mind: StarSlap, a section where celebrities receive grades from yours truly. There’s the rare “:)” clip for those outfits that come close to what real style is, but the majority underline the lack of fashion taste and knowledge. You’ll see pictures of them with grades like “Grr” or “Ouch”.

My intention is to keep bringing you fresh, ironic, humorous content and to grow this blog into a community platform where we can all gossip share ideas about fashion, style, beauty and everything else you want to talk about. For that, you have the FOLLOW button on the left side aaaand the Like Facebook Page.

On the Fashion Grinch FB Page, you’ll find out more about me through pics from my daily life and Grinch Tips (fashion-wise) that summarize what I’ve learned from fashion specialists and stylists. Also, I’ll be sharing there awesome links and we’ll discuss the weirdest trends and fashion happenings.

That’s about it! For now. PS: The latest posts from Fashion Grinch are available on this blog too, on the right side, under Music.


About Mara

I wanted to form a band. I had notebooks full of designs and fashion sketches. I'm competitive and I usually cheer up myself during a contest - out loud! I have big dreams and small ones - like bungee jumping, one - two tattoos, traveling around the globe. Every night I check the door to see if it is locked. I brainstorm better in the shower. I hate kaymak. I'll sing with all my strength, all of a sudden, if a song comes to mind. I love to dance, it's the only time I feel really FREE.

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